About me

Certified Marketing Specialist

Hi, I’m Kelly Worrall. I am an experienced freelance advertising strategist with a passion for business, creativity and data. With the use of innovative, measurable marketing techniques, my goal is to improve brand awareness, increase retention, deliver ROI and improve SaaS business metrics to prove the value online advertising brings to your business

My Approach to Social Media Marketing is Centred Around Getting You Customers

I offer a range of affordable, effective social media solutions. With an objective of ROI for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, I offer a modern approach to social media marketing through a variety of proven techniques. Having been a Digital Marketing Manager for over 12 years, I have worked both in-house and for various digital marketing agencies, I have a wealth of experience in all aspects of digital marketing, but decided to niche down my offering to Social Media Marketing. I now help businesses generate revenue from their social media.

My experience ensures that I really understand what generating ROI really entails, I do not have time limits on your projects, I do not only work a few hours a month on your project. 

I am dedicated to you and your business.


Kelly Worrall

My Values

I provide a quality, personable service where trust, knowledge and honesty are at the forefront of what I do.


Trust is of the upmost importance to me. My clients trust me with a crucial part of their business; marketing it. To market your business successfully, I get to know every aspect of it, from your goals and objectives to your customer personas and team values.


You know your business and I know how to market it. You can rest assured that my wealth of knowledge in all aspects of digital marketing will not only improve brand engagement but also generate more enquiries.


After many years’ working in digital marketing agencies, I am passionate about getting to know my clients and them getting to know me. You will have access to my direct contact number and 1:2:1 support throughout.

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