Facebook & Instagram Ads Management 

Want to reach more customers but don’t know where to begin? Already spending money on Facebook Ads but not getting results? Facebook ads are a great way to generate revenue for your business, but if not done correctly, you can waste a ton of money!

I can create campaigns to maximise your results, from choosing the correct objective and audiences, to building funnels to nurture your browsers into becoming buyers.

85% of consumers start a purchase on one device and finish on another

Are you retargeting every potential customer through your Facebook & Instagram ads? Maybe you haven’t run ads before and just know you would rather have a professional to utilise your budget?

 Let Me Support You With Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Management


No matter where you are in your social media advertising journey, I can create strategic advertising campaigns to maximise results, from choosing the right objectives and audiences to creating funnels to nurture your browsers and turn them into buyers. Meaning you can focus on everything else that’s needed to run your business.

I am a certified Facebook & Instagram ads strategist and run campaigns for all types of businesses, from small businesses with a £500 per month budget to large corporates with a £5000 per month budget. 

Whether you are looking to generate more leads or increase your sales, I will create a tailored ads strategy to maximise your monthly budget in order to achieve your desired results. 

As part of my initial onboarding process, I will set up conversion tracking, so you know which customers have come from which campaigns, allowing me to show the revenue generated from your advertising investment. 




  • Initial discovery call
  • Onboarding questionnaire to fully understand your business
  • Research audience & consumer behaviour
  • Set up all conversion tracking where required
  • Set up targeting funnels for maximum results
  • Build strategic Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns for chosen objectives
  • Ongoing data analysis, testing & improving to maximise results
  • Detailed monthly report outlining KPIs & future plans
  • Graphics & content creation for all ads
  • Full Facebook & Instagram Ads Management
  • 1:2:1 Support 


For Facebook & Instagram ads to be successful, it is crucial for everything to be set up correctly and enough data is gathered from your pixel to be able to run effective ads. This means in the initial stages of your advertising, a lot of testing is involved to see what audience works well, what creatives are generating the best results and overall how Facebook is learning about your ads. It is important to understand that results are not always immediate, so in order for me to optimise your ads for maximum results, I recommend a minimum of 3 months.

If you are unable to invest in Facebook ads right now, please do take a look at my power hours or nurture packages.

Trained with The Lauras

It is important to me to ensure I am always on top of all Facebook and Instagram Ad updates, policies & procedures. That’s why I invest heavily in my ongoing training, so that I can offer my clients the most up to date service. I have trained in Facebook & Instagram ads with the renowned experts ‘The Lauras’ from the Social Media Managers Hub. 

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